About NYM

Through continuous improvement, NYM provides quality and cost-effective small cell pole mounting solutions.

Our story...

Since 1985, NYM has had a proud history of being a reputable metal fabricator.

Our thorough knowledge of metal fabrications and plastic injection mold building has been a key factor in allowing us to offer innovative solutions that save time and money.

NYM started out specializing in welding of plastic injection molds, and later expanded our manufacturing capabilities. We designed and built OEM equipment, as well as produced parts for government contractors, optical, solar, and telecommunications industries.

Over the years the demand for our mounting products increased. We realized the exceptional value we brought to the market when NYM was being chosen for 4G/5G installations nationwide by leading telecom companies. We decided to put our focus and experience into expanding our specialty product line of small cell mounting kits.

Today within our 20,000 sq. ft. facility, we put even greater passion and creativity into designing and manufacturing our products. They are approved, stocked, and always on time for deployment.

Once again, we have proven ourselves and excelled in our new direction. Our product line has grown from the initial specialty custom brackets to a complete line for side pole mounts, pole top mounts, shrouds, and radio cages.

There’s one thing that will always remain the same...The NYM stamp on every part that leaves our door.

It represents our standards for quality, superior craftsmanship, and excellence. It is the foundation of our success in how we build strong relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

Thank you for visiting NYM!

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